Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Run in the Rain


Waking up to the sound of pouring rain on a day when we're scheduled to run always begs the question, "Should we swap a strength training day for our run day?"

The forecast called for rain all weekend. I knew in the depths of my heart and soul that we needed to get out for our run today. I got still as we put on our guided meditation to start the day.

During breakfast, we read the articles about Governor Baker's proclamation that all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted as of midnight on 5/28. We shared the excitement about the end of the pandemic and how blessed we have been and are to experience good health while also acknowledging a tinge of fear wondering, "Is this too soon?" 

We couldn't dwell there because the almost record setting cold day for Memorial Day Weekend was beckoning us to get our run on. We debated about where we should run and opted for a run around the neighborhood and the small Reservoir on Route 9 knowing we could stop at the house if we needed a change of clothes. We reminded ourselves of when we used to train in weather conditions worse than this as we trained for the 2009 Boston Marathon for our long runs.

"It's where we put our attention and mind set," I reminded Team McManus. It was hard to believe that two days ago we were in tank tops needing fans to cool off the house and today we needed winter running pants, jackets, hats and gloves but that's weather in New England for you.

We allowed joy to flow through us opening our arms (and hearts) wide singing and splashing in the puddles. Enjoy these photos from our run capturing the beauty of a rainy day run:

During my morning meditation, a poem started to flow through me that I finished after our run.

Morning Rain

Tear shaped raindrops on window pane
as we are preparing to live life again
an outpouring of emotions-sadness, grief, relief dawn of new day
joining hearts and hands together tentatively finding our way.
Spirits once dampened by dreaded disease
take stock and take pause as routines we unfreeze
though the day’s skies are cloudy a light burns so bright
casting away fourteen months filled with flooding of fright.
In the stillness of morning as rain poured from the sky
I was tempted to wonder to ponder ask why
but I know it’s a mystery so I reigned in that thought
taking deep breaths chest no longer drawn taut.
As gratitude bubbled up from the depth of my heart
with a smile on my lips as new day time to start
heading out on a run filled with laughter and play
no masks on our faces heavy burdens no longer weigh.
Soaked to the skin splashed in puddles galore
mud stained and chilled contentment needing nothing more
radiating Love from Source our troubles are light
healing on horizon is now well within sight.

We felt cleansed, refreshed and renewed after our run in the rain changing into warm comfy clothes to enjoy the rest of the first day of lifted COVID restrictions.

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From my heart to yours
In health and wellness

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