Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Gift of the Golden Moon


The Gift of the Golden Moon

Heart pounding
my 4am wake up call
residue of fright fifteen months later

Birds’ songs serenade me
a lullaby to quell my quickened heart rate

Angels’ precious presence speak in whispers
“Look up!”
My breath caught breathing in cool fresh air
eyes behold a waning crescent moon
golden illumination
transition from night to dawn.

“All is well” I repeated
image emblazoned on closed eyelids
Divine Love beams
powerful laser to cut ties to fear
bathing my body in Truth.

Quiet busy mind forlorn and fretting
worries warrant prayer
in stillness illumination ignites my spark of faith
emboldened after beholding golden moon
lulled to sleep by trust
I drift
I awaken to the dawn of a new day.

In the wake of the pandemic, I continue to experience trauma dreams. They are not as frequent or intense as they were during the height of the pandemic, but continue to be present. During the height of the pandemic, it was a challenge to get back to sleep after a trauma dream but last night’s dream brought with it a beautiful gift. I had never thought to get out of bed and look out the window after a trauma dream. I had never seen the moon at 4 in the morning. It was a Divine experience. Throughout the pandemic, I experienced a stronger connection to Source with more frequent meditations, being a vessel for poetry that strengthened my faith and asking my angels for strength and guidance during challenging moments.

Although I awakened at 4am and was up for about an hour, I woke up refreshed and ready to go on a run at 7am. While we wore our winter running clothes last Saturday, we wore tank tops and tees with shorts. We took our frozen water bottles out of the freezer while we ate breakfast and debated about where we wanted to run. Since all restrictions are lifted, we knew that traffic would be heavy and any place near water would have large crowds.

We chose to savor the beauty of our Reservoir and the luxury of smiling at runners passing by and people sitting on benches enjoying our new found freedom as we emerge from the pandemic.

It was one of my best runs in awhile with negative splits and pouring sweat. I was so glad that I froze water bottles before we went to bed. I love how sweat continues to pour after the run is over. 



Ruth Anne went on to run another 5K while Tom and I spent quality time together. We debriefed about the stress of the past week and how excited we are to move beyond both the pandemic and Ruth Anne’s health issues. We had a leisurely picnic lunch in our yard followed by much needed yard work but not before we put on our bathing suits, fired up our sprinkler and remembered what it’s like to feel like a carefree child in summer time.

Be sure to listen to my conversation with Greg Chastain and Ed Siegel on their Voices of Hope podcast, The Cardinal Cafe. From Greg Chastain: The latest episode of The Cardinal Cafe is up! On this episode we meet Mary McManus. Mary is a motivational speaker, author, poet, 2009 Boston Marathon Finisher, polio and trauma survivor. She has a remarkable story of resilence, healing, Hope and possibilities. Once you hear her tell her story you will want to rush out to purchase her newest book of poems “Hope is a Garden” which she wrote during the recent pandemic. So please join us for this incredible story.

From my heart to yours
In health and wellness

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