Tuesday, September 14, 2021

End of Summer Treat Under the Crescent Moon

 I was inspired to write a poem about the Crescent Moon even though the moon was in a different phase:

Crescent Moon

A beacon of hope
smiling as I gaze upon crescent moon
out of plain sight
its powerful presence
seen in mind’s eye

Imagination lights the way
phasing out fear and doubt
seeing beyond appearances

Much lies beyond this silver sliver in the sky
orb of infinite possibilities
all unveiled in Divine Timing
enjoying glow of anticipation
when all is revealed once more! 

I was captivated by its image in my mind's eye and what it represents. 

Imagine my surprise when we went out for an end of summer treat at Cabot's, an iconic ice cream place we had not been to in years, and there was the crescent moon.


Before the pandemic, we would not take photos in front of Cabot's. Yet these simple pleasures take on a much deeper meaning.

The mundane becomes extraordinary. We celebrated how Cabot's made it through the pandemic and was continuing to thrive albeit with masks for employees and diners when they weren't eating or drinking. There was an awareness of social distancing and contactless payment. They used to be a cash only operation.

On May 29th, we celebrated the end of a State of Emergency here in Massachusetts and, as a fully vaccinated family, what we thought would be the end of mask mandates and social distancing. We have learned that, despite all that is going on with the pandemic, or perhaps because of all that is going on with the pandemic, we savor the taste of an end of summer treat with more gusto feeling connected to something far greater than ourselves under the crescent moon.

From my heart to yours
In health and wellness,

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