Friday, September 3, 2021

On Being Kind


The Born This Way's Foundation #BEKIND21 campaign began on September 1st. I think of the campaign as a mirror reminding me to be aware of the choices I make in thoughts and behaviors as I go is about my day. I realize how easy it is to judge someone if I am not mindful of my thoughts and what is in my heart. These past few days have been a wonderful opportunity to put kindness and compassion front and center. I have the tab to the BEKIND21 campaign open on my computer and it's a nudge from the Universe to choose kindness and compassion for myself and others. On Wednesday we greeted parents and children on their way to school with warm smiles wishing them well on their first day of school. Yesterday I focused on gratitude.

While it's always possible to be kind, it's not always easy.

We've encountered some challenging situations in recent weeks. The encounters reached a head and tempers flared. I suggested to Tom that we take the 'high road' and apologize even though the other person demonstrated unkind and cruel behaviors.

With all that is happening in the world, this is Divine Timing for the #BEKIND21 campaign. David Hamilton, Ph.D.  my good friend and the "kindness czar" for Psychologies Magazine on Facebook shared this post about the #BEKIND21 campaign. Several years ago he came to New York to be a part of Born This Way Foundation's kindness campaign with Lady Gaga. David lives in Scotland. 

Today (1st September) marks the beginning of #bekind21

The aim is to do an act of kindness (or more) a day each day through until 21st September.

As I wrote in an earlier post, last year, there were over 100 million acts of kindness!! I think we can surpass 200 million this year. This is how we can make a difference in the world. Collectively. With our hearts.

It’s been my personal observation that kindness rescues us sometimes. There are times when it’s just what you need - either the thing itself or even just the knowing that someone cares in that moment.

And as the giver, I feel that kindness accesses that part deep within us that just knows that kindness, compassion, empathy, an act of love, is the right thing to do. I suppose, in these moments we rescue ourselves. We gain perspective on what really matters out of the multitude of competing interests that fill our minds each and every day.

I’ve joined the #bekind21 campaign this year. You can register here:

There’s also a cool kindness calendar on the registration page that you can download to keep track of your kindnesses. I have mine on my wall.

Wherever you are, I wish you a great day. And remember to be kind. It’s almost always the right thing to do.

I've been working on this poem that I was able to finish after yesterday's afternoon meditation: 

Choose Kind

When heart is hurt it may be difficult to find
a path to healing to be gracious be kind
remember a bully has wounds that run deep
invisible to eye hidden secrets they keep.
A burden they carry defensive and cruel
retaliation revenge only serves anger to fuel
don’t turn a blind eye see beyond behavior so hurtful and cold
a daring perception be brave and be bold.
A gift of choosing love to thine own self be true
reconciliation remember they’re a person too
don’t let the wound fester let go let in light
your Spirit will thank you peace well within sight.
Underneath all the layers of bitterness bluster
beats a heart that’s Divine if only courage they could muster
with compassion forgiveness and choosing tender thoughts I’ll be free
kind-hearted and vulnerable I’ll let myself be.

When I was a guest on The Cardinal Cafe podcast, the hosts asked me how I was able to stay connected to my goodness and be kind and compassionate despite all the trauma I endured as a child after contracting paralytic polio. I shared with them how, after the diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome, I realized that I needed to transform and heal the anger and hurts through the power of forgiveness and seeing all that happened to me through the lens of gratitude. I embraced my experiences as gifts and once I opened my heart to love myself and forgive those who hurt me, I began to heal mind, body and soul.

I am excited to be inspired by the #BEKIND21 campaign and the messages that the Born This Way Foundation are sharing in daily emails. 

Let us all create a vibration of kindness and care during these next several weeks as part of the campaign and throughout all the days to come.

From my heart to yours
In health and wellness,

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