Friday, September 10, 2021

The Magic of Gratitude


In the midst of challenging times, when anxiety overtakes the mind and body, it can be difficult to shift the focus to gratitude. And yet that is just the time we need to focus on gratitude. When I look back over the past several years, it is easy to feel anger and outrage at how my daughter's condition was misdiagnosed and mistreated but instead, I focus on the earth angels who finally came into our lives to help Ruth Anne to heal.

As I waited for Ruth Anne at Spaulding Rehab while she had her appointment with Erin,  her earth angel Occupational Therapist, my heart opened with gratitude for her healing and recovery. 

As I saw the plexiglass partitions on the Constitution Cafe's tables, the signs about Infection Control, the need for all staff to be vaccinated by October 15th, the therapeutic pool devoid of aquatics classes and the empty gift shop, I felt the sadness and grief that hung in the silence. The Front Desk Ambassador, Margaret, who we have known from when I took aquatics at Spaulding and then going to appointments with Ruth Anne told us that they were hoping to open the pool in September but now, "Who knows?"

There's hand sanitizer and masks when you first enter the building and there is no more public access to the cafeteria or the pool. The hustle and bustle of staff gathering in the cafeteria, patients and family members moving out and about the first floor and garden area and the sense of Spaulding's community is noticeably absent.

It's so easy to focus on all that is missing in our lives right now, especially after our sense of freedom and ease in the early days post-vaccination. But focusing on what's missing drains me of my energy and tends to turn on the biochemistry of negative "what if's."

I sat down near the lobby of the hospital since it was raining outside, took a few deep, cleansing breaths and this poem flowed out of me:

Magic of Gratitude

Like a magic wand
gratitude whisks away all fear
conjuring a delicious recipe for life
open heart
bubbling over with joy
salty tears trickle
eyes feasting on simple pleasures
sunrises and sunsets
lingering luscious scent of summer
rippling of waves an aural delight
sun’s warmth from Source kisses skin
a taste of heaven

Grateful for precious gift of life
Love greater than fear
sprinkle sparkling eyes everywhere I go
reflecting blessings
kindle kindness and compassion
pass the torch of thankfulness
spread seeds of hope
let the magic begin! 

From my heart to yours
In health and wellness,

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