Thursday, October 7, 2021

Countdown to Boston Marathon: Let Spirit Shine


As I drove down Beacon Street in Brookline yesterday, I saw that the Boston Marathon mile markers were painted. What is usually a rite of Spring and the harbinger of the days leading up to the Boston Marathon is now happening in October. 

Last evening, the statue of Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon was unveiled with the Executive Director of the BAA, Tom Grilk, Sara Mae Berman, the first woman to win the Boston Marathon, Bobbi Gibb, Jack Fultz who won the "Run for the Hoses" Boston Marathon in searing heat and Bill Rodgers, Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon champion and Olympian.

It would be so easy to focus on all that is 'wrong' with this year's Marathon. There is a smaller field. Masks must be worn at the Expo and there is no Runner's Speaker's Series this year. It feels strange. Even though I am not setting up dates and places to meet up with my friends coming in from out of town or those in the area coming in for the Expo I can still experience the excitement of my friends who are getting ready to run the 125th Boston Marathon. I ask when people are coming in to town and for bib numbers. 

This afternoon Tom and Ruth Anne wanted to do their run by the beach in South Boston. We passed workers spray painting "medical tent mile..." along Beacon Street. 

On the way into town, I suggested we drive down Boylston Street. It's incredible to think that so much time has passed since Boston ran on Marathon Monday.

I got goosebumps and very emotional when I saw the sign at the Hynes Convention Center:

I was poised to be a member of a Speaker's Panel at the Runner Speaker's Series in April of 2020 before life as we all knew it came to a screeching halt.

The barricades are lining the streets near the finish line which will be closed this weekend so athletes and spectators can enjoy the ambiance of Copley Square as excitement builds for the big day. The finishing touches were being put on the viewing stands at the finish line. The finish line has been painted waiting for the runners to celebrate their triumphant journey from Hopkinton to Boston.

The medical tents at the finish line sprawled out in the square in front Trinity Church.  My breath caught when I saw signs that indicated we were still in the midst of the pandemic; "COVID-19 Testing" and "Vaccination Certification." 

I posted the photo of the sign at the Expo in social media and it was goosebumps all over again. As Thich Nhat Hahn suggested, let's touch those things that are positive and make them bloom! I can feel the thrill and excitement as the vibe of the Boston Marathon returns to the City. I must admit that I am experiencing a case of FOMO about not going to the Expo this year but I am going to stay focused on allowing all the wondrous and beautiful connections and energy that comes with the Boston Marathon to flourish and bloom.

Even though so much is different and surreal about Boston Marathon Weekend this year, one thing is for certain. The Spirit of the Boston Marathon shines brightly.

Here's my inspirational Boston Marathon run from 2009:

We'll be lending our hearts and Spirits to the runners as they come down Beacon Street to celebrate the day that Boston runs again!

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