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One Year Later: Hope is a Garden


Facebook shared this memory from October 15, 2020: 

I am working on my latest book, "Hope: A Collection of Essays and Poems From the Pandemic of 2020". Here is my latest creation that I hope will stir the seeds of infinite possibilities in your heart and soul.


Hope Is A Garden  


Dirt stained knees

spade turning over soil

feelings flutter

tenderly tilling the earth

lovingly placing bulbs

embodiment of expectations and hope.


Hope is a gardenRe

holding seeds in hand


everything they need to know

ready to burst forth.


Patience and perseverance

faith abides


knowing no prayers needed

all unfurls in Divine Timing.


In darkness hope stirs

light pierces through

as new life breaks ground

yet invisible to the eye

seeds of infinite possibilities

hope the harvest of imagination.


I was inspired to write this poem while watching my husband Tom plant tulip bulbs for the first time in 24 years in our yard. The pandemic moved us to plant a flower garden as a harbinger of hope during one of the darkest and challenging times in our history.


The poem inspired the title of my book, "Hope is a Garden: Poems and Essays From the 2020 Pandemic" released on March 2nd.


I have been deeply moved by how "Hope" has been received. In addition to Editorial and Customer Reviews on Amazon, people have sent me cards and email messages to let me know how much the book has touched their heart and soul.

I was blessed to be a guest on The Cardinal Cafe podcast to share my journey with Greg Chastain,  President and Ed Siegel, Vice President of Voices of Hope Boston. They created the podcast during the pandemic. Even though the theaters were dark, they wanted to shine the spotlight on people and organizations that would bring a message of hope and healing during very challenging times.


Dan Thibeault, podcast producer and owner and founder of Fast Twitch Media edited the episode and set the poem Greg read from "Hope" to music.

About a month later, I was a guest on Liz Brunner's podcast, Live Your Best Life. Once again, Dan set the poem that Liz read to music.

He followed up with an email:

 “I think your poetry book would be great as an audio book version with each one read by a different person and music under them. Have you ever considered that?”


 I meditated on the idea. Since Greg Chastain had said during our conversation at the Cardinal Café that my poems “hit every note that Voices of Hope puts out there,” I was inspired to make this project a fund raiser for Voices of Hope. Everyone is donating their time and talent to make this project a novel and successful fund raiser for Voices of Hope.

The production is called, "Hope is a Garden: Forty Poems From the Pandemic to Uplift and Inspire You."

We have received an outpouring of enthusiasm and joy from those we asked to participate in the project and renditions of my poems that gave me goosebumps.

We are excited for a holiday release date. 


Stay tuned for more details of how you will be able to download this compilation of music and poetry read by these illustrious individuals:

Liz Brunner - Award winning journalist and CEO and Founder of Brunner Communications

Eliza Healey - Music Director, Voices of Hope Boston

Mark Lamourine - Member, Voices of Hope Boston

Bob Halloran - Award Winning Journalist, Author, Movie Consultant, Sports Writer and WCVB Sports Reporter

Ed Siegel - Vice President, Voices of Hope Boston

Denise Audy - Member, Voices of Hope Boston

Jordan Rich - Legendary host at Boston's WBZ radio, award winning podcaster, philanthropist and co-owner of Chart Productions

Candy O'Terry - Boston's beloved radio voice, singer, and award winning podcaster

Karen Nascembeni - General Manager North Shore Music Theater, Director of Corporate and Community Relations at Theater by the Sea and Manager of Cape Live Shows who inspires us all with her grace and grit after surviving COVID and unimaginable losses.

Sean Allan Krill - Award winning singer and actor nominated for a 2020 Tony Award for his role as Steve Healy in Jagged Little Pill, and the original cast recording of the critically-acclaimed Broadway musical was the recipient of the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

Dana Siegel - Executive Artistic Director Voices of Hope Boston

Dan Thibeault - Owner and Founder of Fast Twitch Media and the inspiration for Hope is a Garden: Forty Poems from the Pandemic to Uplift and Inspire You

Sue Tabb - Award winning on air Boston radio personality and producer of Exceptional Women

Harry Bouvy - Critically acclaimed Actor, director, teacher, and cocktail enthusiast

Audrey Constant - Award winning Boston radio personality

Joyce Kulhawik - Emmy award winning movie & theater critic CBS Boston 1981-2008, Arts Advocate & 3X Cancer survivor! 

Eileen Curran - Emmy nominated writer, reporter and producer now Director of Public Relations at Franciscan Children's Hospital

Jimmy Tingle - Critically acclaimed comedian and creator of Humor for Humanity

Terry E. Carter - Poet Laureate for the City of Medford, Massachusetts

Jean Chastain - Treasurer, Voices of Hope Boston

Dan Szymczak - Former Baritone of Ball in the House a cappella group and golf instructor in Duluth Minnesota

Lee Woodruff - NY Times Bestselling Author, Speaker, Executive Media Trainer and Co-Founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation

Bob Woodruff - Award winning journalist, NY Times Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation

Mauzy Stafford - Boston On-Air Radio personality, Disc jockey, News and Entertainment Reporter, Radio Talk Show Host and passionate about adopt not shop


When I first penned the poem Hope is a Garden, I knew it would be the title of my book. I wrote the book for me to keep me focused on love and light during the pandemic and as a way to move through the darkness with a feeling of hope. 


We are excited that now, my creation will bring much needed donations to Voices of Hope Boston until they are able to safely return to their performances to generate money to support cancer research and provide resources to cancer patients, their families and medical caregivers.


We are close to a release date. All tracks are recorded. Here is the final list of poems with readers:

 From my heart to yours

In health and wellness,


Be sure to visit my website at to learn about my journey to health and wellness in the wake of paralytic polio and trauma

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